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Areas of Specialisation

Medical translation
Medical & Pharmaceutical translation - English to Spanish - BabelPro

Medical Translation

You need a translator you can trust with your confidential, highly specialised and complex medical documentation. I understand the importance of privacy, compliance and accuracy, and I guarantee high quality, accurate medical texts, such as:

  • Clinical study protocols

  • Case report forms (CRF, eCRF)

  • Clinical trials

  • Investigator’s brochures

  • Patient informed consent forms (ICF)

  • Diagnostics software localisation (user interface and online help files)

  • Medical equipment instruction manuals

  • Websites for companies in the healthcare sector

Gambling Translation

Gambling Translation

Don’t gamble with gaming translations! My specialist knowledge, gained from over 10 years’ experience in this sector, enables me to produce gambling text that is compliant, accurate, thorough and up-to-date. It will also earn your customers’ trust, and therefore boost your revenue. I specialise in:

  • Poker, casino, slots and sports betting

  • Gambling license translations

  • Gambling software

  • Gaming marketing materials

  • Gambling websites content translation & localisation

Poker, Casino, Slots Translation English to Spanish- BabelPro
Technical translation
Technical Translation - English to Spanish - BabelPro

Technical Translation

Accurate, comprehensible and user-friendly technical documents are the key to a smooth internationalisation process. BabelPro will get your message across to Spanish industry professionals, technicians, salespeople or end-users. I work with:

  • Instruction and operating manuals

  • Online technical E-learning modules

  • Electronic manuals and guides

Mobile app localisation

Mobile App Localisation

Only an experienced pro knows how to write engaging content for the Spanish audience, within the required screen and character specifications of a mobile app. I specialise in localising mobile apps for both iOS and Android, including the following areas:

  • App description

  • Name of the app

  • Graphical user interface

  • Images

  • Instructions

  • Help pages and contact information

Website Localisation - English to European Spanish - BabelPro
Website localisation
BabelPro - Website Localisation - English to Spanish

Website Localisation

Think global, act local. Communicate with your potential Spanish customers in a way that will earn their confidence, interest and increase their willingness to buy your products. Localisation goes beyond translation, adapting it to the language, culture and mindset of your Spanish customer. Ask me about:

  • Website localisation

  • Landing page localisation

  • Localisation and transcreation of PPC campaigns

  • SEO localisation

Yoga translation

Yoga Translation

I am a 200-hour Certified Yoga Alliance Instructor. By combining my knowledge of yoga with my linguistic skills, I can help unlock the language of yoga for your Spanish-speaking audience:

  • Teaching methodology books

  • History and philosophy of yoga

  • Meditation and mindfulness

  • Ayurveda

English to Spanish Yoga Translation - BabelPro


+34 689 200 812

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+34 689 200 812

Follow me: 

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  • Grey Twitter Icon

© 2018 by BabelPro

design by Ana Vadillo

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