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Mercedes Alonso Negre - Professional translator - German and English > Spanish

Do you need to adapt all of your technical product information, so that it’s flawless and user-friendly for the Spanish market? Do you need to ensure that your medical documents will be accurate, compliant and clearly understood by medical professionals in Spain? Or maybe your Spanish website or app is all set up, but too many of your Spanish customers abandon your website before hitting the buy/play button? Don’t worry, I can help you.

I am Mercedes Alonso and I help my clients break down communication barriers. I work with English and German material to produce technically accurate, legally compliant text that instils confidence in European Spanish audiences. By building trust with your audience, I help to preserve your brand image and increase your revenue.

What can I do for you?

Translation  – for high quality, accurate and terminologically sound communication for your European Spanish audience.

Localisation – adapting your English or German material to the European Spanish market, taking care to consider all cultural, technical and stylistic and differences, as well as ensuring legal compliance.

Project Management – if your material needs to be translated into several languages, I will handle everything from A to Z, so that you can focus on your business. With the help of a team of native specialist linguists, I will be your single point of contact, ensuring quality assurance, budget management, punctual delivery and a smooth communication process.

Benefits of hiring a professional translator

Nowadays, there are many ways to translate texts from one language into another. Many of them are risky for the users of the translation. Hiring a professional translator has many advantages.

Ensured quality – A qualified translator is professionally proficient in languages, cultures, writing and their specialisation. They can accurately reproduce the author’s original message in the target culture’s language as if it were originally written for the target audience

Correct terminology – A professional translator is specialised in the topic they’re translating. That means terminology will be used correctly in the context of the subject matter in question

Cultural understanding – Translating requires much more than just speaking two languages. A qualified translator understands the cultural nuances of each language. With meticulous training in translation techniques, they will automatically bear these differences in mind when translating

Improve your reputation – A bad translation could ruin the reputation of any company. Companies hire a professional web developer to design their website and a specialised attorney to draft their casino license application, because they care about their business and reputation. Why wouldn’t you do the same for your reputation in Spanish?

Acceptance of products and services – Audiences could lose interest in your products or services because of a translation done by a non-qualified translator. Native speakers sense and resent when the tone isn’t professional or when their culture hasn’t been taken into consideration

You save money – It can be costly to re-translate a text done by a non-qualified translator, not to mention the possible legal consequences caused by careless mistakes. You can avoid these risks and save money by trusting a professional


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